Frequently asked questions


What is Renew?

Renew is a spiritual conference meets retreat meets camping trip. More than that, it is a community experience for people of all walks of life, age, and backgrounds to come together for a weekend and to create space to reconnect with God, each other and ourselves.

When and where is it held?

Renew is being held from Friday, October 8 through Sunday, October 10. We will be staying at the beautiful Epperson Farm (2874 Unity Church Rd, Ararat, VA 24053), the property has a small lake, fields, walking trails and incredible mountain views.

What will take place at Renew?

Renew is an outdoor event. You can expect to enjoy food, conversation, experience extended open-air worship times, collaborative workshops, wrestle with ideas, experience thought provoking and encouraging teaching from spiritual mentors, make new friends from different places and walks of life, and a whole lot more in between!

What will the weather be like?

It's pretty in Virginia this time of the year! You can likely expect highs in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 50s. Typically, it's perfect for camping but just to be safe, we suggest checking the weather forecast before you depart. Packing lightweight layers and a waterproof shell is a safe bet.

Will there be merch for sale?

Yes! We will have both Renew merch as well as our Start Dreaming Again t-shirts available for purchase. This helps to support our ministry in the city of Fredericksburg and beyond.


24-hour security and medic staff will be provided on the farm led by EMT Bennet Vargese. At event registration participants will sign a waiver of liability for any accidents that might occur on the farm property.

Is this event only for Christians?

While the event where certainly focus on Jesus Christ, we want all to know they are welcome and belong! Whether you are a believer, non-believer, or somewhere in between; we invite you to come as you are with nothing to prove and experience this beautiful weekend.

COVID-19 Response

We are closely monitoring the reccommendations of health officials regarding the spread of COVID-19 and the Delta variant. This is an outdoor event on a 300 acre farm we believe to be a safe environment but we are reccommending that attendees be vaccinated, maintiain regular handwashing and agree to wearing a mask if and when appropriate. We reserve the right to cancel the event up to two weeks prior upon which registration fees will be refunded.


Will there be a Vegetarian/GF option for food?

Vegetarian and Gluten Free options will be provided. Do us a favor though, and contact us with any dietary restrictions.

What are the food options?

Breakfast is on your own. Friday night we'll have tacos, Saturday lunch is catered Western North Carolina style BBQ, Saturday night will be good, we promise! Sunday we'll grill burgers and hotdogs before we hit the road.


Why is the event not free?

We wish it could be, but these kinds of experiences require financial investment: generators, meeting tents, food (four meals), stages, sound systems etc. And we'd like to honor our contributors by compensating them fairly. We think the ticket prices are reasonable and we hope you do too!

What if I can't come anymore... Refund?

Sorry, this is a non-refundable event. But you CAN transfer/sell your ticket to someone else.

Can children come? Is the ticket price different for them?

Yes! There will also be a few playgrounds on site :) 12 and under are F R E E.

If we share a tent can we share a ticket?

Nope! Everyone entering the weekend needs their own ticket. Carpool if you want, pack as many people in your tent as your heart desires... but everyone needs their own ticket.

What are the ticket prices?

Earlybird Camping Rate - $69 per person (price goes up Sept 6!) Regular Camping Rate - $99 per person (Sept 7-October 7) RV Rate - $129 per RV (limited registration spots) On-site Housing - $149 per person staying in a farmhouse on the farm property (space is limited!)


What if I can only come late?

That's okay! We cannot change the price for the weekend; however, we believe you will still get a lot out of the event and encourage you to come anyway!

Car Parking Options

Prepare to walk your belongings a short distance from your car to your campsite. Our volunteer team will direct you to the appropriate spots!

What (& what not) to bring

What should I bring?

• Sunscreen and hats • A camp chair/foldable chair/portable chair • Sunglasses • Empty container to use at our water refill stations • Bible and Journal • Comfortable footwear • Camping Gear (read below for list of gear)

Banned Items for Renew

• Illegal Drugs • Fireworks • Weapons • Amplified PA systems • Pets of any kind


Must Haves • Tent (waterproof) • Sleeping Bag • Sleeping Mat • Flashlight • Sunscreen • Water containers (we have a filtered water supply) • Blanket and/or camp chairs for sitting during the main sessions • Cash or credit/debit card for food trucks • Sweatshirt / jacket (can get cold at night/early morning) • Pillow • Towel (if you plan to shower) • Toothbrush and toothpaste • Sunglasses Nice To Haves • Shade tent • Tarp (for under your tent to block moisture or rain) • Lantern, headlamp • Pocket knife • Bug spray • Raincoat, boots (just in case) • Hat • Battery operated fan • Cell phone battery pack • Instrument • Smores :) • Frisbee

Is Alcohol allowed?

Not for this event. For the sake of all the possible attendees, we found it best to simplify the weekend and just not have alcohol for the weekend. We appreciate everyone working with us on this!

Noise Curfew

A Midnight noise curfew will be enforced on the farm. Please be considerate of your fellow campers.


What is the property like?

The property includes, a massive field for camping, a small lake, hiking trails and plenty of room to explore. There is a church building on the property that will be used for a breakout session. The church building also has a kitchen, restroom facilities, and fellowship hall for mealtimes. It is surrounded by beautiful farmland and views of the mountains.


Campfires and cooking fires will be allowed ONLY in official campfire rings onsite, which will be started and stoked by staff.

RVs and Campers

We're offering limited amount of RV parking passes at $200. As long as they fit the size of your campsite, 20 x 50, bring 'em! Electricity is not provided.

Will showers be a thing?

Unless you have registered for housing, showers will not be offered. Embrace the weekend! Know that majority of the people with you there also aren't showering and two days won't kill anyone :)