Speakers & Contributors


Faith Romasco

Pastor, Artist, and Podcaster

Faith is an artist passionate about integrating spiritual practices into every day life. As Co-Pastor at Real Life Communities Church in Olympia, Washington she makes meaning in living rooms and around dinner tables. As a podcaster, she makes Scripture come alive! In the Seattle area she has the honor of serving on the Board of Directors for the Clergy Community Coalition and the Core Team of the Racial Justice Coalition. Visit Faith here!  

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Logan Jones

Enneagram Coach and Spiritual Director

Logan grew up in Salzburg, Austria and moved to Richmond, VA in 2004. As a certified Enneagram Coach and Spiritual Director, Logan helps encourage growth and personal transformation by using the Enneagram as both a map of Personality and a catalyst towards becoming a true self. 


Carey Sims

Spiritual Director and Creative Entrepreneur

Carey serves as Executive Director of The Center for Faith & Leadership and as a coach and spiritual director for the next generation of Christian leaders. Carey is passionate about pioneering fresh expressions of church in the local community and developing new economic models that lead to ministry sustainability. As a Co-Founder of the Good Turn Earth Company and as a licensed fitness instructor, she is particularly interested in the intersection of theology and economics and how the church can make local impact, proclaiming the gospel through innovation and enterprise. Read more about Carey here.

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Orlando Palmer

Producer, Songwriter, and Singer

Orlando "IAMSON" Palmer is based in Richmond, VA. He is taking the industry by storm with his intelligent, yet moving musical style, having just released a self-titled album.

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Ross Wright


Ross lives in Richmond VA, where he writes pop songs about the human condition and the mysteries of love.


Becca Covington

Renew Gathering Organizer

Becca oversees outreach and discipleship efforts at The Center for Faith and Leadership that help bring a unified Christian witness among young adults at the University of Mary Washington. She is passionate about integrating life and ministry into one and is thrilled to share her passion through leading and organizing Renew!

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Gannon Sims

Pastor and Movement Leader

Gannon serves alongside The Center Community as pastor and as Director of Ministry Formation with Fresh Expressions US where he works with church and community leaders across the nation and around the world to create new ways of being church in living rooms, at dinner tables and even in places like dog parks. He's passionate about helping people be at home in God so they can be at home wherever they go and with whoever they meet. Read more about Gannon here